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Payroll Services

✔ Basic information of Payroll system
✔ Advisory service for Salary Calculation method
✔ Explanation of Attendance input format
✔ Customized payroll process
✔ To complete payroll process within time and handing over to client

Statutory Report

✔ Monthly Salary / Wage Register
✔ Pay Slips
✔ PF Monthly Statement & Challan
✔ Monthly PF Form No.5, 10, 12A & 7IF
✔ Annual PF Form No. 3A & 6A
✔ PF Form No. 9
✔ ESIC Monthly Statement & Challan
✔ Half yearly ESIC Return Form No.5 (R.C)
✔ Half yearly ESIC Register Form No.6
✔ Bonus Register C
✔ Consolidated Annual Return under 6 labour laws
✔ Annual Return Form No.25 under Contract Labour Act
✔ Half Yearly Return Form No.24 under Contract Labour Act.
✔ Form 1A under GLWF Act